Facebook isn’t my friend anymore…..


Defriending Facebook

It would seem the forces of globalism and border less society are more than a little strong at Facebook and other social media sites. While this comes as no surprise to me I did not realize the depth and breadth of that control.  I also didn’t realize people of the PC persuasion would be so willing to use FB as a tool to silence dissent and opposing opinions. This blog, is my reaction to Facebook’s fascist stance as ‘social justice’ enforcers and keepers of the leftist doctrine and my disdain for small minded individuals that go out of their way to attack free speech, using the media as a weapon of fascism.

What precipitated this action is multifaceted but can be reduced to several examples of censorship, nay, message manipulation by Zuckerberg’s army of left wing ‘administrators’ and personal attacks against me based on FB posts.

I had at one time created a page highlighting the criminal, unethical, and corrupt actions of former Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid. Now, Senator Reid is one of those old school liberals in name and  brand but in reality he is simply an opportunistic thief.  While he was instrumental in helping to push President Obama’s legacy failure the ACA through, Dirty Harry is all about Dirty Harry.  That page was deleted by “FarseBook” censors when a  poster crossed the imaginary line and implied that some of our Muslim immigrants are parasitic in nature.  Another glaring example of the censorship and ‘control’ being exercised by facebook is the presence of countless spy trolls on all of the conservative pages. It is my opinion that a good number of these identities do NOT originate from Democratic operatives but rather work for Facebook.  Finally, the several news items found on credible sources showing high level facebook executives supporting the most criminal candidate in history, Hillary Clinton, puts the icing on the cake.

We are in a battle for the heart and soul and the FUTURE of our nation and Facebook has become little more than a tool for the New World Order leftists to twist and spin public opinion.  Until I find an alternative that is truly unbiased and open to all political philosophies, I am done with Zuckerberg’s “Farse Book”.  The threat to free speech though doesn’t reside a thousand miles away at corporate headquarters but rather is in the very social groups we share on the forum.

Finally, it was actually the third attempt that  I am aware of (there had to be more I don’t know about) by individuals of small character trying to get me ‘in trouble’ as it were with my employer.  I am who I am and I speak my mind. The fact that on three separate occasions Face Book led ethically challenged people to try to use my words to get me fired, well, I am simply tired of having that threat hanging over my head.


Mayberry Politics Meets the 21st Century

The first such attempt came from someone that at one time I had a modicum of respect for but now realize, that was entirely misplaced. He came after my employment from the position of ‘this makes the school system look bad’, when in actuality he was suffering from severe butt hurt in response to a conversation we had shared in person.  While taking a sauna at the local Y several years ago a member of a local Board,  Mr. “Y”, brought up the upcoming Presidential race.   I knew who he was and also of his political leanings, but as I said, I say what I believe so I rattled off a list of reasons that  Obama would be disastrous for the country and predicted many of the horrible situations that did come about because of his election.  Mr. “Y” obviously took great offense.  He was unable to rebut any of my statements but merely sighed ‘well I am going to give Obama the benefit of a doubt and vote for him”.   It was only as the re-election campaign came into view that he found it necessary to bring his ‘concerns’ SIC to the Board of Education and of course those things eventually were brought to my attention.  I had full well intended to close my FB account then when a former student and ridiculously successful lawyer offered legal counsel and stated that I did indeed have a solid First Amendment case.  This friend is one of those people that absolutely disagrees with my positions often but because he is a freedom loving, protector of rights, I was emboldened to simply ride out the storm and did change my privacy settings to reduce future risk. To be totally honest it was a little  exciting thinking I could be the one to fight back for free speech against the ever growing PC culture of persecuting anyone that says anything counter to the popular themes.


The High Drama  Momma

Another equally cowardly shot across my bow came from a young mother that had been a facebook ‘friend’ for several years.  Ms. “N” was a former student of the school I work at and although she never was in any of my classes, I knew of her and accepted HER request to be friends. NOTE:  I RARELY IF EVER SEND REQUESTS, 5 out of 1400 FB friends were originated by me.  Again, political season brought out heated discussions about the role of government in providing for the children of broken relationships (at one time I would have said marriages, but we all know that is history), and this young lady must have taken umbrage at my insistence that both parents should be required to provide for their offspring, even if it meant making personal sacrifices, like you know, having a full time job.  Anyway, she and I got into a rather heated exchange and in the moment I knew that she was going to seek to make trouble for me. I realized she was losing the debate on facts and therefore would seek some way to ‘win by playing the ‘teacher’ card.  Sure enough, she took screen shots of the conversation AND EDITED THEM, by removing my comments which gave context.  She then proceeded to share the edited versions with politically powerful people in my county.  Unfortunately for her, she did NOT realize I too had screen grabbed the conversations and kept copies, only I had done so utilizing an application in Windows which does not allow for easy manipulation of text strings.  Of course the poor girl was so disheartened that she couldn’t ‘bring me down’ that she began using those same manufactured ‘screen shots’ to attack my reputation.  Frankly, I didn’t care because others that were common FB friends were providing me with details and images of exactly what she was doing to assassinate my character.  I merely chalked this up to a very childish woman that loved drama trying to impress people with lies when most knew better. It is worth noting one of her “besties” tries to this very day to ‘friend’ me on FB in hopes of providing Ms.N with more ammunition. This pathetic creature and I have history as years ago she attempted to indict the character of my daughter through her meddling mother, even though she was underage, pregnant, and suckling off the tax payers’ teat.  I guess pointing out those obvious truths created in her a chronic case of never ending butt hurt.

A Co-ed with No-ed:

Essentially the straw that broke the camel’s back was yet another threat against my employment ‘because you’re a teacher’ that came out of nowhere and actually bothers me the most.  It originated on a group page for a neighboring county’s conservative movement and was in regards to a photo a student from that neighboring county posted on instagram which then ended up on facebook. The photo showed the young woman in front of a dozen or so Trump signs smiling and giving the camera the ‘bird’ with both hands. It was obvious the signs were stolen and her ‘digital’ message was for  conservatives supporting the candidate.  The photo also, unfortunately for the young woman involved, displayed her name in the upper corner.  For context, I was not commenting on the photo or the young woman that was obviously in deep water she could not have seen coming.  I did not mention her or even address her criminal actions.  I was merely responding to another poster’s comment that sought to insult all Trump supporters. The poor chap’s grammar and spelling were on a par of most 4th graders and his profile revealed him to be an adult male, an obviously adult male. Anyway, I simply pointed out that when one uses the word “ignorant” to indict others, they would be well advised to form complete sentences, utilize correct spelling, and even throw in a few punctuation marks to bring it all together.  Here’s the kicker, this guy didn’t care enough to threaten or whine but merely shot back with a snappy retort (best he could do I imagine) and he was content at that.  Another poster, a former student from my school that yet again I never taught, chimes in with a comment that she thinks a teacher shouldn’t be part of a thread that is is cyber bullying or promoting racist themes.  Here’s where I have had it. The thread was NOT cyber bullying for several reasons. First, the young woman that posted the original photo wasn’t involved in the thread at all other than the obvious fact that HER criminal behavior was the topic.  It was her foolish decisions that lead her image to be a national talking point, not anyone else’s. It’s worth noting Ms. X’s complaint about the picture was moot as it had gone viral and appeared on Breitbart, Fox News, and several other international outlets.  My comment had nothing to do with the girl so even if the thread had been such, it wasn’t my responsibility to monitor someone else’s group thread. Her hypocrisy is even more obvious when one recognizes she could have reported the thread if she truly thought it was either, but of course she did not.  As for the ‘racist’ card being played, that is the most asinine comment of all. There was no mention of race in any of the posts in this thread or even the others on the main topic.  The only racist comments were coming from those accusing others of being racists for pointing out the acts committed were criminal.  It would seem that those people, including my new found ‘censor’ believe that minority members should not be held to the laws of the land but rather ‘given a pass’.  Another thing that totally bites my butt is that I replied to her and she insisted she would have to report it to the Board because as a teacher I had an obligation to stay out of such matters. That is it folks. The hypocrisy, the sheer and utter hypocrisy of this young, know it all, know nothing liberal college student is the last straw.  She is attempting to silence me and because of the warped reality we now live in can create hassles, even though my speech was protected by the US Constitution.

As corporate media whores hide the truth to promote their globalist slave masters and the public at large consumes this manure laden propaganda I am done fighting it. I  am done fighting ambiguous ‘censors’ in corner office of Facebook and other entities stifling free speech. I am done having to employ calculus with every post and having to weigh every word knowing that some sad, morally depraved soul can and will attempt to use my job as a weapon to shut down truths they simply refuse to hear. I am just tired of the lies and the hypocrisy.  Either we ALL have free speech or none of us do. Either we all are accountable to the laws of the land or none of us are. There are not alternatives!

Facebook, we are no longer ‘friends’.


NOTE: Of course I did not use the real initials of the people involved. Unlike them, I don’t find it necessary to create problems for others based on political speech.